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Letters in wrong order when typing ?!

Hello everyone,

it has been happening for a while and at first I thought they were just typos, then I started to think I was getting dystypia but then, paying more attention, I realized that it was actually my computer not responding well, or at least so it seems (or maybe I am just self delusional smile.
Has anyone ever got the same problem?
What could it be due to? And how can I fix it?
I have Vanilla Debian Wheezy + LXDE


p.s. I also posted the same question in the #! forums


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Re: Letters in wrong order when typing ?!

Can you test with a different keyboard, or the same one on a different machine?

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Re: Letters in wrong order when typing ?!

What are the problem keys, and is it always the same keys and results - i.e. typing "A" always produces "G"?

You might have a misconfigured keyboard and/or locale.

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Re: Letters in wrong order when typing ?!

Thank you for the replies. I will try the keyboard on another computer and I will also try to get a new one.

It's not so much that the keys give the wrong letter, the locale is configured well I suppose, but rather that when I type, the letters end up being in the wrong order.

For example, if I write, at medium to fast speed, the following
"I am writing at medium to fast speed the following text to check if all is right"
I often get (exaggerating, since it never got so bad)
" I ma wriitng at medium ot fsat speed the folloiwng txet to check if lal is right"

At first I though it was a case of "user-virus" i.e. me not typing well, but then I started to pay more attention and still this would happen.
Strangely it seems to happen more on Iceweasel and Chrome, especially when typing web addresses or emails, as if there is a delay between the typing and the actual visual (this just came out visula!!!) output on screen, but I have trouble understanding the pattern and seems a bit random.

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