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Wacom tablet configuration with udev - how?

I have a udev rule and some scripts to handle a Wacom Intuos graphics tablet.


# Give the users group permissions to set Wacom device LEDs.
ACTION=="add", DRIVER=="wacom", ATTRS{idVendor}=="056a", RUN+="/usr/local/bin/"

/usr/local/bin/ sets up permission for all users to write to the device LED file to signal which mode has been selected on the tablet.

When run from autostart, ie after the user is logged in, the script sets up the tablet's keys and express ring by running /usr/local/bin/ All well and good so far, but it means that if hot-plugging the device, the `` script needs to be run manually, when it would be nice for all the configuration to be done automatically.

The problem seems to be that when the udev rule runs, root has no DISPLAY set and the commands aren't running in a shell, so `` can't be run until `` has exited. I think this is why a wrapper script for the commands also doesn't work. Adding `ENV{DISPLAY}=":0"` to the udev rule also doesn't work.

So a couple of questions really...

1) Why is it working if the tablet is already connected when the user session is started? (To do with xauth?)

2) How to get the tablet keys automatically set up for the logged-in user when hot-plugging the device?

I seem to have read just about every link on the interweb, but I am missing some fundamental knowledge somewhere sad

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