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Re: The great yad hacking thread

Bearded_Blunder wrote:

As could quite a few here, I don't think Bunsen has the amount of free Dev time it'd take for the approach MX took though.. you start with one package, then another feels justified & pretty soon you're maintaining a huge repo & spending all your time tracking & updating packages the main Debian repos are behind with.

Sort of thing you'd only take on if you need some feature the Debian version lacks to make the distro work properly.

With MX it is most often in response to a user request on the forum or reddit.

But with yad the reason newer versions are not in the main MX repo is past 0.40.xx it is GTK3 instead of GTK2 and they had reports of problems with it.

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Re: The great yad hacking thread

Bearded_Blunder wrote:

Well there is an open bug  Maybe it'll get addressed one day.

Hopefully sooner. I have mailed  Debian package responsible Gustavo, reminded him that source should bee fetched from GitHub and  mailed Victor; program author, begged hom to make a note on SF, that current source is on GitHub.

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Re: The great yad hacking thread

Sorry, I miss misko_2083 with his excellent posts. Why can't I find his postings anymore? Anyone know where he is?


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