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Conky with clickable url links?

Hey all,

I have a pretty niche question. I am currently using conky not necessarily as a way to check up on storage space or something but more to hold information about hotkeys and how to use the applications I am currently using.

There are a few apps I am looking to learn (i3, vim, rust documentation ect..) and obviously typing all that out in the conky feels like a task and a half.

So the question? Is there a way for conky (or an alternative app) that I can toggle on and off to reveal the info I need but also with clickable links?

I tried putting a link in the conky app but the URL is not clickable.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

All the best … sp=sharing


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Re: Conky with clickable url links?

1. why don't you use the really easy BL tool:
Bl Utilities->Take Screenshot->Imgur - Upload Screenshot->Anonymous Upload->...  ?
Google Drive is an imposition for me.  sad


2.What does your configuration file look like?

3.searching the Conky thread of the forum gives me these 4 excellent posts from our EL Conkystador, @Sector11 … 054#p97054 … 559#p52559 … 619#p53619 … 158#p43158

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Re: Conky with clickable url links?

Just looking for a way to put links on the desktop?
One idea would be to use something like johnraff's popup script.

Another would be to use wbar, and set up the icons as links.  Set up a menu toggle with:

bash -c 'if ! pkill -x wbar; then exec wbar; fi'

This would allow you to rapidly toggle on and off what you want from a keybind or menu.

And the last would just be to set up menu entries in a submenu for what you want.

Big fan of wbar for the coolness factor:) you can place icons anywhere you want, and make your own to use.


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