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#1 2021-11-16 09:13:28

Bad Wolf
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[SOLVED]How to delete duplicated app from jgmenu

Hello smile

Like in a title I have a duplicated entry for one aplication in jgmenu and want to get rid of it only have no idea how to. Checked guides for jgmenu and topics about it but couldn't find an answer for this particular issue so will be grateful for any tip or suggestion smile

Nevermind found it in applications folder in ./local/share xD Sorry for inconvenience.

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#2 2021-11-16 14:01:45

jgmenu developer
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Re: [SOLVED]How to delete duplicated app from jgmenu

That’s good that you solved it. Just shout if there is anything else.

You can also hide apps by creating a .desktop file locally and setting NoDisplay (neat trick  for creating a tidy system menu)


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