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Howto install 5.13 kernel?

Hi, my new laptop uses the  Cirrus Logic 'CS8409 HDA bridge' for audio, which according to this link says is supported in kernel version 5.13

How might I install / build this kernel, or is there another way to getting this audio device working because as of right now I have everything working except for sound.


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Re: Howto install 5.13 kernel?

^You can use this command to query the current state of kernels:


You can also use this kernel pool from my default distribution.
The procedure would be as an example in detail (where apt will tell you if the dependencies are resolved correctly or not):

mkdir -p ~/Downloads/5.13./
cd ~/Downloads/5.13/

installed with:

sudo apt install ./linux-image-5.13.8-1-siduction-amd64_5.13-8_amd64.deb

If the kernel needs to be uninstalled again:

sudo apt purge linux-image-5.13.8-1-siduction-amd64

I assume you are an experienced user and know what you are doing!   big_smile


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Re: Howto install 5.13 kernel?

Hey thanks, can you tell me what modifications if any have been made to your kernel package?


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Re: Howto install 5.13 kernel?

The Siduction kernel is built quite well in my opinion. Not a bad choice.

Here is another option if you would like.  Just made yesterday fron 5.14.12 from

This one has a few changes to it.
Debugging mostly removed.
Support for ntfs read and write.
Timer frequency of 1000 vs 250 for desktop use.
The ability to access the .config through /proc/config.gz (or dmesg in a terminal).
Compressed cache for swap pages.
profiling and quota removed.

You can download the zip from:

Or, to make life easier, get it through git clone, and add a few helper packages needed for things like virtualbox.  This will put the kernel image and headers in a folder in Downloads, and install them from there. Good to have on hand.

sudo apt update && sudo apt install git build-essential irqbalance
git clone ~/Downloads/sleek-kernel
cd ~/Downloads/sleek-kernel/stable/ && sudo dpkg -i *.deb

Then reboot.

To remove, go to "Advanced Options at boot, switch to your old kernel, and then remove with apt.


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