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downloading private youtube videos via youtube-dl --cookies

Hi everyone,

This is my first time sharing. I want to share this because it took me a long time to figure out how to do it and, also, writing it down helps myself to remember how to do it smile

on the chrome web-browser, press F12, go to application, storage, and cookies, copy and paste all the cookies into a text file, say "cookiesF.txt"

Then, convert the cookies.txt into netscape format by using

node convert-cookies.js cookiesF.txt > cookies.txt

you have to download "convert-cookies.js" of course. Just google around and you will find where to download it.

And then, just enter "youtubde-dl --cookies=cookies.txt $link to video$"

and that's it! Simple! big_smile


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Re: downloading private youtube videos via youtube-dl --cookies

So this works with all private videos not just the ones that require a user to login to their YT/Google account to view?

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Re: downloading private youtube videos via youtube-dl --cookies

Yes I'd also like to understand: when do you actually need this? How long are the cookies good for?

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