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x265 aka HEVC

this is a new video codec.
it's really good - the normal tv episode that has been encoded to 350mb with h264, now 150mb with x265, and it looks better. wow.

but it's very resource hungry.

my old 2-core desktop can't keep up with it.

is it possible to tweak media player settings to take some load off the cpu's, either by sacrificing image quality or by making better use of hardware accel or both?
fwiw, i have an nvidia geforce gt 610 with nvidia proprietary driver.
i use mostly mpv, but other suggestions are welcome, if it has the desired effect.
my mpv.conf currently looks like this and i admit that the man pages confuse me.

all other codecs work just fine, even with 1080p

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Re: x265 aka HEVC

^ I assume you have vdpau installed and enabled?  Other than that and tweaking the "skip H.264 in-loop deblocking filter" in VLC, I can't think of anything else.  (For what it's worth, I have the same nvidia card on my desktop, but I use the nouveau and mesa drivers.)

EDIT:  Don't know how to tweak this in mpv.

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Re: x265 aka HEVC

If I'am reading this … reVideo_HD right, you would want the latest nvidia card and no idea if/how is that implemented in linux (perhaps vdpau support is enough?). Another option seems to be intel … de-support .

p.s. mpv has a friendly community on freenode.

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