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Issue with DHClient

Hello all! I am not sure if this is the correct category for this post, as it is somewhat of a bug report and also a work around, though Bunsenlabs is not the only distro affected by this.

I currently have faced an issue for the last few months with trying to get a Linux distro back onto my Chromebook. I was running BL on it for a few years, but wanted to try some other distros. Well I tried Crunchbang++, and had no issues during install, but after install, my Wi-Fi card would no longer connect to my router. Just sat there spinning in a circle. Tried a few different distros and all had varying degree of failure...

Fast forward to today and I reimaged BL on a USB drive, popped it into the Chromebook, and got all the way to "Configure the network" and nothing would happen.  CTRL+ALT+F4 revealed that the system was trying to get an IPv6 address, and would just hang there forever. I killed the dhclient application that was trying to get the address, switched back over to the installation screen, and everything is working as normal. I am not in the system with no issues so far...

I wish I could be of more help, and I would do some testing, but good lord I haven't had the chance to use Linux in so long, I don't wanna break it again lol. I might CloneZilla the drive and experiment with why IPv6 was getting stuck...


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Re: Issue with DHClient

Sounds more like a wireless problem? And it's working now?

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Re: Issue with DHClient

You can tell network-manager to only use IP v4 routing as well. Just edit the connection, then settings, then ip4, then check the require IP v4 for this connection to complete checkbox.


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