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On Screen Keyboard

This is my first post after successfully installing onto a 10in Viglen Tablet.

I had for some time tried many Linux distributions on the tablet without success.

One function I can not find is an on-screen keyboard this would have to be available at logon to enter the password and docked when running as it would only be required when typed input is required as the touch screen navigation of the desktop works very well.

I wonder if there is anyone who could help me install the on-screen keyboard.



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Re: On Screen Keyboard

Supposedly adding

keyboard = onboard
indicators = ~language;~a11y;~session;~power

to /etc/lightdm/lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf should work for login stuff, but in my short test that is not happening. Workaround might be to enable autologin in lightdm.conf, someplace under [Seat:*]


As for ob session keyboard, one could install and autostart 'onboard' which seems highly configurable.

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Re: On Screen Keyboard

There isn't "On-screen keyboard" option available in the accessibility dropdown, therefore you cannot open it unless you first enable the option after logging in first (preferably using a keyboard with micro usb adapter).

For some reason, the 'onboard' keyboard does not work, so I installed another one: xvkbd. Then, edit the login screen to display the on-screen keyboard in the accessibility drop-down menu upon start up and finally edit the bunsen/openbox auto-start to start the keyboard each time you log in.

  1. Out of the many on screen keyboard, install one. (xvkbd is what I tried, available in the debian repos)

  2. Then press SuperKey>System>Login Interface. Go to Misc tab and check the keyboard checkbox. This will enable the 'On-screen keyboard' menu under accessibility menu in the log in screen.

  3. Choose the keyboard from the dropdown, select 'Select path to keyboard'. Browse to /usr/bin and select xvkbd. The field will now have the value: 'usr/bin/xvkbd'.

  4. From the drop down just below that, choose 'Enabled at Start'

  5. Save it and close it.

  6. SuperKey>Preferences>Bunsenlabs>Edit autostart and add "xvkbd &" in the end of the file, save it and exit. This will ensure that on screen keyboard will open each time you log in.

As I said earlier, you can do all these only after logging in to the system somehow. If there are any other work around, we need to wait for other members to post it.

I will raise a suggestion in the development forum to enable the keyboard option under "accessibility" in the login screen out of the box.

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