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Some package upgrades

This week nine BunsenLabs packages were upgraded. Most of the changes were small improvements and/or bugfixes, and users keeping their systems up to date with apt update/upgrade should not have any particular problems.

A couple of points:

1) The bunsen-configs upgrade changes a few files in /usr/share/bunsen/skel (nothing major), and a popup from the bl-user-setup script will ask if you would like to import changed files into ~/
If you have made significant changes to your config files, you can decline the popup's invitation and run 'bl-user-setup' in a terminal. That way you can make decisions for each file separately.

2) Bunsen-utilities now recommends xsettingsd and you may be prompted to install it during the upgrade. It's a small daemon that allows open windows to be synchronized with changes to the current GTK3 theme on the fly. It is invoked by bl-reload-gtk23, called from the menu Preferences > Reload GTK and also when running the BLOB utility. However, the daemon is not started in a normal session, so will only be running when it has been used. Most of the time you can install it and forget about it.

3) The BLOB utility ( menu > BL Utilities > BLOB THemes Manager ) has had some attention and, along with xsettingsd integration, jgmenu and xfce4-notifyd theme changes should also go more smoothly now. If anyone would like to try switching themes, any bug reports will be welcome!

4) All our python scripts now use python3, so python2 dependencies have been dropped.

5) Bunsen-fortune now holds new entries up to Dec.10th.

5) At around the same time, jgmenu was also upgraded with a number of annoyances fixed and improvements added. Thanks @malm!

This is the full list of BL packages upgraded. Please see the Debian changelog files and git logs for details!

bunsen-fortune 10.3-1
bunsen-common 10.2.7-1
bunsen-configs 10.8-1
bunsen-docs 10.1.2-1
bunsen-meta-all 10.1-2
bunsen-pipemenus 10.3-1
bunsen-themes 10.0.7-1
bunsen-utilities 10.3-1
bunsen-welcome 10.2-1

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