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compose key issues

I've used several linux distros - one of the main reasons I won't use some of them is the fact that they made it incredibly difficult to set and forget a compose key.

I thought BL Lithium would be an easy one- but apparently not.

I've modified the \etc\default\keyboard file - sometimes it works, but not always. At one point, I actually got it working temporarily on both the laptop keyboard and the external usb keyboard by setting it to lalt - but of course it was actually assigned to lctrl. 

Is there an actual foolproof method to set the compose key in Lithium, so I don't have to manually set it every time I do a reboot?  Is it also possible to ensure that it will work all the time on both keyboards, and not just one, like it did under lubuntu 20.04.1? 

I've always found it odd that some distros make it so complicated to set and forget (looking at you LXLE) 

Any help would be appreciated - as I've exhausted all the standard solutions - they either don't work or are temporary solutions at best.

Thank-you all!


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Re: compose key issues

OK....I deserve the cone of shame....

Turns out it was working all the time on the usb keyboard - just that it's getting a little old and apparently the CTRL key is a little tempermental and I have to hold it down a little longer than I'm used to for it to work.

I'm glad to see the xkboptions works in this distro smile


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Re: compose key issues


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