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VNC server: which one?


I needed to install a vnc server on a PC located in a cold room so that I can access it from a warmer place. The server is running on BL and the viewer (Tightvnc) is on a windows machine.

I installed the one available on BL under "BL Utilities --> Remote Desktop". It is Vino. After adjusting a few options, I managed to make it work.
I could see the remote PC as if I was sitting behind its screen. Fantastic!

Both machines are inside my home network, so I am not too concerned about security. Anyway, I wanted to add a password, just in case. Well, I did not manage! Is that so complicated?

I decided to purge the Vino :-) and get Tightvnc from the Synaptic package manager. It was promising; easy enough to create a password.
I added the following code (found on internet) to my ~/.vnc/xstartup file: (don't forget to change the permissions on that file to make it executable!)

exec openbox-session &

I made a connection from my Win machine and could only see a grey background. I didn't believe it.
Ok, right-clicking on the background brought a menu but it was not the one normally seen on BL. I could run some apps but neither the file manager for example nor any apps that would require to be root like Gparted.

I did not want to give up and got X11vnc through the Synaptic package manager again. Success!
Everything works as expected. There are a lot of options that can be set on the command line.
So far so good!

x11vnc -usepw -many

Let me know how you manage to make Tightvnc or Vino working on your machines.

P.S.: I found some explanation how to create a password in Vino  here

Just too late now...



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