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#1 2020-09-08 19:07:32

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Out of Disk space even if not true

I haven't posted for months as everything was running smoothly :-)

I was using my BL Lithium and Vivaldi quited.
I was then not able to do much as there seems to be a Disk Space problem
I mad some disk space, and if I df -h I can see 868 GB used from my 1 TB SSD drive but see Avail 0 and use 100%

I am not a Linux guru for troubleshooting so I don't know where to look....

Any guess ?

Note if I log out and try to login, after entering my password, it loop and comes back to login screen

I can access TTY1 so I can type commands

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#2 2020-09-12 22:41:50

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Re: Out of Disk space even if not true

Please show us the output of

df -h
cd /; du -m --max-depth=1|sort -g|sed "s/\t./M\t/g ; s/\///g"

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