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#1 2020-06-11 06:57:02

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bl-conky-edit - alphabetic sorting

With the Lithium RC being released - and much to my delight - I noticed that the list of conkys in 'bl-conky-manager' now actually is sorted alphabetically (I'm a sucker for order...). Thanks for that script update.

The 'bl-conky-edit' script however is still in its original state.
Are you planning to upgrade this script too? It would definitely make me a happy camper...


#2 2020-06-11 07:24:02

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Re: bl-conky-edit - alphabetic sorting

Thanks for pointing that out.
And it's great that someone notices these details!

bl-conky-edit might get some attention in the future - they all do eventually - though there are some others already on the TODO list that will come first. (Eg expect support for conky & tint2 filepaths with spaces, conky allocation to a specific desktop in bl-conky-session...)

Whether that ordering annoyance gets fixed soon will depend on whether it needs a simple tweak or a major rewrite, but it might be possible to import a chunk of code from bl-conky-manager.

Now on the list. smile

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