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#1 2022-06-18 15:41:47

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making a dual boot system

I recall the days of grub (Legacy or is it grub2 now) when installing multiple distros was easy.

Now with this UEFI stuff I cannot wrap my head around getting a dual boot system.

1. (GRUB Legacy)
2. Version 2 (GRUB 2)
3. Startup on systems using UEFI firmware

Do ISO's offer which GRUB to use?
I long for the Gurb Legacy days I have this UEFI {censored}.

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#2 2022-06-18 16:41:51
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Re: making a dual boot system

Change can be hard on us old farts.

I used to multi-boot a lot; at one time I had twenty seven distros/spins over three hard drives; just to do it. What a headache that turned out to be. Some spins would insist on formatting every swap partition they could find, unless specifically told not to. The other spins would do a start job looking for the missing swap partition, adding on average a minute and a half to the boot time; and could no longer hibernate.

Not to brag, but if you look up distro hopping in the dictionary, there might be a little picture of me. A few spins ask what kind of boot manager you want to use, but not common by any means. Most will ask you where you want to install the boot manager. Slackware mostly still uses LILO and has a hard time sharing a drive.

You can use a third party boot manager like: The rEFInd Boot Manager
Which works very well, and can be restored from a thumb drive easily after the install of a spin messes things up.

If a user just want two spins, Win and Linux for example; install Win first, then the Linux spin and all will be fine. 99% (of all statistics are made up on the spot) of linux distros handle that well.

Anything more complicated than that, use multiple drives/SSD/NVMe and swap them in and out physically, is my answer. The motto for my life is, "You're not having fun 'till the cover is off."

Edit; If you're asking how to make sense of the current state of affairs, you're on the right track. Just keep reading.

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Re: making a dual boot system

What will you be dual booting? Windows and Linux, two Linux distros?

How many hard drives available?

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Re: making a dual boot system

Back up all your data now.

You must unlearn what you have learned.
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Re: making a dual boot system

I wish I could contribute some useful advice, but since all my hardware is still BIOS I've none to offer. BIOS based systems dual-boot flawlessly using either Grub2 or Windows boot manager (despite Grub bitching about being installed to the partition boot record rather than the master one being a bad idea when using the supported by Windows option.. well screw that I'm PAYING for Windows support.. & grub's alleged support is purely best-effort by volunteers.. on BIOS systems Windows boot manager is MICROSOFT's supported option).

For UEFI I'm afraid I have zero dual-boot experience to draw on.. Nor can I really cite any material advantage it has from my perspective over BIOS.. I'm sort-of sure there are some.. I'm also sure there are way more from Microsoft's perspective than there are from any user's.

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