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#1 2022-04-26 11:33:57

Colonel Panic
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A ready-made configuration for XMonad

Hello all. A lot of people seem to be put off XMonad by the difficulty of configuring it (it's written in Haskell), but I've found a configuration that works well with no tweaking, though I may still adjust it later. It's got a Fibonacci-style spiralling layout (though not quite Fibonacci) by default. Here it is;

All I've had to change so far have been the default terminal (from termite to terminator) and the menu program, from rofi to dmenu, though I still keep rofi available and launch it from a simple batch file to get a listing of all the windows I've got open and where. Going any deeper in configuring it, though, looks like it would require a deep knowledge of Haskell and wouldn't be a small undertaking.

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