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RabbitVCS Thunar on default Repositories

Hi there! There's a great tool to manage Git an SVN in a simple way through a GUI.
I'm using RabbitCVS since a couple of years.

The thing is that I've always used it with Nautilus, but here in Bunsenlabs we use Thunar.
The thing is that in the default repositories we can find the Nautilus extension, but not the Thunar one, which should be the most important to have there.

here's the Screenshot of Synaptic as you can see.


Finally, I send to you the link to the RabbitVCS installation page.

I've found an alternative, and it's thunar-vcs-plugin. Which adds to the Thunar context menu the same options to manage SVN and GIT.
Although, I think it's a good idea to provide the package for RabbitVCS in Thunar.


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