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#1 2022-01-06 21:05:20

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Error - Cannot open access to control, root account is locked

After installing BL Lithium on my 5 year old Acer laptop, I think, I am encountering all the known bugs in the books with no real solutions to it..

Now when I try to boot, I am getting this error message.

Cannot open access to control, root account is locked. See sulogin man pages....

From here I can only hit Enter, then this go on and on in a loop.

I did some googling, but I could not find any solution, which I can try.I could not really find anything in layman's language, to be honest.

I have created a live USB using my android phone. Currently posting from my phone.

Any help will be appreciated...


#2 2022-01-06 23:24:37

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Re: Error - Cannot open access to control, root account is locked

As you can se from the result of this search on our domain, has the topic been up many times: … ntp&ia=web.

Man sulogin: "sulogin is invoked by init when the system goes into single-user mode". With sudo installed, it is problem to login as root..

Your computer boots to single user mode due to some error. You ought to be able to see that error. If you have grubb boot splash image enabled, press escape to exit it and see bootup messages.

Have you booted ok once after installation? You can repair the installation, but maybe it is easier to reinstall?

If you want to try to repair. you have to boot into your installation. Do you have a menuentry 'Bunsenlabs TTY login' in grub?
Then, log in, change to root. Investigate logs, try to update packages.
Else, you can boot the BunsenLab iso's live session and chroot to your system.
Post Chroot help-script, might be of some help with chroot'ing.

// Regards rbh

Please read before requesting help: Guide to getting help,
Introduction to the Bunsenlabs Lithium Desktop and other help topics under "Help Resources" on the BunsenLabs menu


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