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Thunar find files freezes after first character

This launchpad bug report summarizes the issue pretty well: … ug/1844771.
If I open a thunar window, alt-tab out of it, return to the thunar window and type in a few characters, only the first one gets accepted. The enter key does not work after this either. I have to press escape to exit the find feature. Once a thunar window starts having this bug, it continues to do so, i.e., even if I press escape to quit from the first buggy find, it will repeat it the next time I try to find something. If I create a new tab in same window and immediately type something to find, it works in the new tab. If I create a new tab but switch back and forth before finding, both tabs encounter the bug.

Anyways, it seems they fixed the issue (mentioned in the launchpad bug post). I tried to lift the Ubuntu version of thunar and install it, but it has a bunch of dependencies and seems like it will be quite the mess. Fast-forward to me posting this bug report in hopes of a distro wide fix.

Relevant versions:-
Bunsenlabs: Lithium
Thunar: 1.8.4 (Xfce 4.12)
libexo-2-0: 0.12.4-1


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Re: Thunar find files freezes after first character

Hi khaldruggo,
thanks for your interest in BunsenLabs!

This forum section is for reports on bugs with packages that we provide from our own repositories - generally the bunsen-* series. Thunar is a Debian package and I'm afraid the likelihood of the BL team patching and releasing our own Thunar is extremely low. Apart from the patching itself, our small team is not in a position to take on the responsibility for shipping security updates, which would be vital for a key application like a file manager.

You might try checking if the Debian Bullseye version of Thunar (4.16.8-1) or libexo-2-0 (4.16.0-1) incorporates the bugfix, and if so backporting them to Buster or, maybe easier, upgrading your system to Bullseye, which will be stable quite soon.

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