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Multiple Firefox browsers

I use BL on a desktop shared by several people, who use the same session. I've set up Firefox so that each user can have their "own" browser, which can also be launched simultaneously if necessary. Here's how, just in case it's of use to someone else:

Run firefox -p to open the Firefox profile manager, and create whatever different profiles are necessary. Each profile can connect to sync with an existing Firefox account if you want. In this example, the profiles are called user_1 and user_2.

My co-users always open Firefox from jgmenu, so I added the following lines to jgmenu:

Web Browser - User 1,firefox -p user_1 -no-remote
Web Browser - User 2,firefox -p user_2 -no-remote

Depending on your needs, the Multi-Account Containers extension might be more use, but I wanted each user's history, bookmarks etc. to be completely separate.


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