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waking up after suspend, sometimes does not waken up

Periodically computers don't wake up. Two of them.  Lithuim with xfce desktop. The password screen comes up per normal, the mouse cursor is visible on a black screen and moves normally, but nothing else.  A variation which occurs is horizontal white strips across the screen which are offset up and down such the stripes are broken every 2cm.  Mousey moves then too.  I do an alt-Sysreq alt-reisub and restart it.  These are 2 off lease HP-Compaq laptops of 10 year ago vintage formerly with Win7 on them.

I wondered if is was due to open progs not fitting into whatever suspend fits them into to suspend, but this occurs even when progs are all closed.  There's no real pattern I know of.  The only thing my simple brain wondered is maybe progs closed isn't enough, there are too many processes running in background?

This is of course isn't a deal breaker, and nothing really matters in life except love and playing with things, but I wondered if this is a common experience at all.

{Linux-using people I haven't met are friends yet to be made.}


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