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Email Signatures

Hi all.

Because of my workflow, I prefer standalone email clients like Thunderbird, rather than opening a whole web browser and logging into whatever email hosting I'm using.

So I'd like to add a signature to the end of my emails using Thunderbird with some simple information:

mailto:<email address>
<output of `date` as found in linux>

I'd like that `date` command to be updated for each email I send. So, if I send an email at 4:00 PM today then it would show as

Tue 05 Jan 2021 04:00:00 PM MST

and not some other time.

I thought if I created some sort of script that would call to `date` using #!/bin/bash and then used that as the signature then maybe Thunderbird would parse the contents into something that makes sense? But no luck hmm , it just spits the content of the file raw onto the signature.

Hope you are all doing well.  smile

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Re: Email Signatures

You can attach a signature under account settings in Thunderbird, but maybe you mean something different/more?
*Nevermind - Need to look at what i'm reading better.  roll

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Re: Email Signatures

Perhaps you could use your script to send the sig text to the clipboard. Run it with a hotkey, then paste it into your email.

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Re: Email Signatures

Thunderbird lets you add a simple signature. I forget if dynamic elements like the current date are possible, but email replies always have the date on anyway.

I like the Thunderbird addon Quicktext for signatures, standard replies etc.

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