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Wi-fi not recognised

Hello I launched a live 32b and also 64b iso lithium in usb flash into Asus pc 64b I3 processor. The ethernet connection works perfectly, but the wifi signal is not recognised. The 32b iso works perfectly in an old 32b Acer Aspire one.
How Can I fix The problem?
Thanks very much for help


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Re: Wi-fi not recognised

Information you need to provide in case of wireless problems:

Post output of

uname -rv
lspci -knn | grep -EiA2 net
dmesg|grep -Ei 'wlan|firmw|dhc'
sudo cat /var/log/syslog | grep -Ei 'net|wpa|dhc'

Install rfkill package

sudo apt-get install rfkill

Please use "[ code ]" tags to post the output...

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