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Korean language on Lithium

Korean language on Helium is well functioned. But, Korean language on Lithium is not well. KO locale is well installed. But, IBUS, nabi are not well. Where can I find how to ?


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Re: Korean language on Lithium

Hello Park, and welcome to the BunsenLabs Forum. smile

I have no experience with Korean input methods, but use Japanese every day so maybe there are enough similarities that I can help a little bit. (My setup is fcitx+mozc so your ibus+nabi is rather different.)

If anyone here on the forum uses Korean, please join in the discussion!

First, looking at nabi on Debian Buster, I see that it suggests the packages imhangul-gtk2 or imhangul-gtk3, but neither are available on Buster! This is a change since Stretch/Helium and could be the problem.

Do you have ibus-hangul on your system? If not, try installing that and, possibly, removing nabi. Alternatively, try removing ibus and see if you can use nabi by itself.

Sorry I have no detailed advice right now!

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