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Terminology in Console/TTY/Framebuffer

I am pretty new to BL, and I like it a lot! I wanted a lighter distro for my laptop that would also get me learning again. 

I didn't see any mention of terminology on these forums, and one of the first things I do with a new distro is install it and see if it will actually run in a TTY as advertised: "As it uses EFL, Terminology works in X11, under a Wayland compositor and even directly in the framebuffer on Linux. This allows you to replace your boring text-mode VT with a graphical one which requires no display system."

Sometimes I like to drop into a TTY for less distraction, but the framebuffer is usually ugly even after I change the resolution in Grub.  Despite its claim, I could only get it to work in about 50% of the distros I've tried over the years, but it works great in BL!

Anyway, if you ever want to use a VT that allows you to easily control the font and color scheme, give it a try, especially with Tmux.

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