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Virtual Box on BL Lithium - hardware acceleration issues

If you get this error in VirtualBox 6.1 (and I'm assuming subsequent releases) you may need to use 6.0.

The error is

System: Acceleration page: The hardware virtualization is enabled in the Acceleration section of the System page although it is not supported by the host system. It should be disabled in order to start the virtual system."

You can allegedly mess with your bios and turn off hardware acceleration.  But what does work fine is to download and install the older version 6.0 from here, then do if you haven't already (or do again, it'll tell you, and there's no harm):

$ sudo apt-get install linux-headers-686-pae
$ sudo apt-get install gcc
$ sudo apt-get install make
$ sudo /sbin/vboxconfig

Then in VB go to "system" in Settings, and at "Paravirtualization interface" select "none".  If it still reports errors, uncheck "Enable VT-x/AMD-V".

Note: you may need to exit VirtualBox after installing it, and you may also need to reboot your computer.  This is inconsistent across 4 machines (old ones) I'm experimenting with.

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