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#1 2020-09-03 13:07:14

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Winfuncs Tiler For Openbox

Found this neat little script a few years ago when using Fluxbox. I currently am using it on an xfce4 sid setup, and now here as well. smile

From this site:

Winfuncs requires that xdotool, x11-utils, wmctrl and xautoclock, all small programs, be installed. It offers the user 5 tiling modes: tile, cascade, tiletwo, select and showdesktop. Put winfuncs in /usr/local/ bin/ (on the path) and make it executable. The commands to launch the 5 modes are
     winfuncs "tile"
     winfuncs "cascade"
     winfuncs "tiletwo"
     winfuncs "select"
     winfuncs "showdesktop".

xautoclock can't be found, and you will want to install "bc". everything else already installed.

sudo apt install bc

Download the script using wget:
Place in ~/bin and make executable.


Open a few windows and test in a terminal with:

winfuncs cascade

Then set keybinds however you wish.

*Note In a terminal, this throws some syntax errors in Bunsenlabs but still works. Funny enough, on the xfce4 sid install, this throws no errors! I didn't expect it to work there:)

Also, Using "tile" with only two windows will result in both windows extending below the panel. More than two windows doesn't have this problem.

Apparently there are already a couple of programs that do this as stated on the site, but scripts are fun! smile

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#2 2020-09-10 10:49:57

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Re: Winfuncs Tiler For Openbox

Thanks ever so much, that script worked a treat. Regards, Adam


#3 2020-09-10 12:05:35

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Re: Winfuncs Tiler For Openbox

Yeah, using this as well... brilliant!


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