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Upgrade BunsenLab to new version.

When there is new version of BunsenLab, you can migrate to the new version by backing up your data, make a clean install of the new version and copy back your data.

Or, you can upgrade from old version to new, by changing source for packages and update/upgrade.

There is pros and cons with both solutions. When making a clean install, you get rid of old libraries that are outdated and should be replaced with newer alternatives.
    For example, those whom under BúnsenLabs Helium or earlier, wanted to run dosprograms under linux, probably installed Dosemu. When upgrading to BL Lithium, Dosemu 1.4, will still be available. But, it has not been upgraded since 2007.05. There will be no warning that Dosemu is outdated and inactive project.
When installing new Lithium only the the uptodate DosBox is available.

For those who have decided to migrate to new version with upgrading, here is a guide:

Stable Bunsenlabs, is built on Stable Debian. New programs and upgrading installed packages, is fetched from BunsenLabs and Debian repositorys.

Debians repos is listed in file /etc/apt/sources.list.
Default file for list BunsenLabs repos is /etc/apt/sources.list.d/bunsen.list

When a new version of BunsenLabs is released, it will be announced on the homepage, and on which version of Debian it is derived from.

1. Update all packages to latest version Run in terminal:

$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt upgrade

2 Edit BunsenLabs and Debian sources (need root priviliges).
On, is the adress of the new stable repos listed, you shall use.

For updating from Helium to Lithium, change ../bunsen.list from:

deb helium main
deb stretch-backports main


deb lithium main
deb buster-backports main

Edit Debian repos, change ../source.list from:

deb stretch main contrib non-free
deb stretch-backports main contrib non-free
deb stretch-updates main contrib non-free


deb buster main contrib non-free
deb buster-backports main contrib non-free
deb buster-updates main contrib non-free

Or whatever mirror you use (you should use a mirror close to you)
If you are using third party repos, do not forget to edit them too.

3 Update/upgrade. Run in terminal:

$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt upgrade
$ sudo apt dist-upgrade

You are done. Take time to examine the new version. Read releasinfo, helpfiles and maybe new user-configs.

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Please read before requesting help: Guide to getting help,
Introduction to the Bunsenlabs Lithium Desktop and other help topics under "Help Resources" on the BunsenLabs menu


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Re: Upgrade BunsenLab to new version.

Also note that there will be packages removed as part of the upgrade and some packages might not be available on the new stable Debian release. You would have to look for alternatives to them in that case.

In addition you might to also run after you log into your desktop:


and follow the prompts to refresh the config files. Note that the old dot files are backed up in case you want to merge in customizations with the newly updated ones. Log out then back in for changes to take effect.

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