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Lithium, configuring beepmein script with some audio samples

beepmein is a simple alarm clock based on 'at'

Configuring beepmein (from cli) with some sound samples (from the internet)

cd Music
# get reminder sound (short one)
wget -O vader.wav
# get alarm sound (longer)
wget -O axelf.mod

# set
beepmein --set-remind vader.wav 
beepmein --set-alarm axelf.mod 

# test playback
beepmein --reaction remind
beepmein --reaction --alarm alarm

# test actual usage
beepmein 1 # and enter reason
beepmein 2 --alarm # and enter reason

# kill alarm playback
killall beepmein

Note: By default cvlc (should be installed) is used for playback, if you install mpv it should use that.

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