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Mousewheel zoom on XFCE

Hello ,
First of all, congratulations for this wonderful distribution that I used for months under the Helium version, and never a single bug! I have worked on more than thirty distributions, it never happened to me from memory.
The interface is really superb, simple and beautiful. I left it because of the non-existent zoom function, I had to install a little zoom software that placed an icon in the taskbar, but nothing comparable to the direct zoom with the mouse.
I see that Lithium has XFCE so I tested it (with live usb key) but the zoom doesn't work I think it comes from the compositing window manager, I installed xfwm4 but nothing works, after an xfwm4 --replace it delogs and nothing by logging back to the default session. I tried with kwin_x11 and a simple kwin_x11 --replace allows me to relocate to plasma. I think I need to start XFMW4 as soon as it starts.
Before I spend more time searching I ask the question here, is this the right procedure to zoom in with the mouse wheel while keeping all the design and functionality of the Lithium version.
It's really a great distribution, maybe the most sober and efficient of the moment.
Thank you.


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Re: Mousewheel zoom on XFCE

Hi bun, welcome to the BL community!

About "the zoom function" itself, I know nothing because I've never used a window manager or compositor which supported this.

However, if the XFCE window manager xfwm4 has what you want, and you've already installed it, then it should be quite easy to substitute it for openbox in the BunsenLabs session.

Open $HOME/.config/bunsen/autostart in bl-text-editor, or any text editor of your choice.

Around line 29, edit thus;


Now go down to around line 100 and uncomment the whole section from 101 to 106:

## Vague possibility for XFCE window manager
   xcape -e 'Super_L=Super_L|space'
   (sleep 3; xfdesktop) &
   bl-conky-session --autostart &

No great time and effort was put into tweaking that section, but it might be enough to get xfwm4 working inside BL, and at least test if it has the zoom functionality you want.

- nitrogen is not started because the suggestion is to use xfdesktop to display the wallpaper instead. However, if xfwm4 works with nitrogen (try it) you could substitute it for xfdesktop in line 103.
- composition is not started because xfwm4 has its own.
- xfce4-panel is not used, keeping the default tint2.

If you want to return to openbox, just edit line 29 back to window_manager=openbox
The other code can stay.

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Re: Mousewheel zoom on XFCE

XFCE is an desktop environment. See It is part of Debian, not specific Bunsenlab.

If you are zooming with mousewheel or keyboard keys, is more a question of taste...
I often use Ctrl +/- (Ctrl and + or -) to zoom in webbpages, but Ctrl + MouseScroll, works just as well. In Gimp, keys + or - zoom. Mousewheel with key Ctrl also. Not all application can zoom in the window. And not the desktop.

So, you can install a program just for zooming. package xzoom, is one. You can bind keys Mod + Z, to call it or put an icon in tint2 launcher.

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Re: Mousewheel zoom on XFCE

With BL default setup, and GUI applications - firefox, geany, thunar - you can zoom with:

Control + Mouse-wheel  (or Mouse buttons 4 & 5)

This keybinding does not zoom the desktop - I don't know of any window manager or desktop environment that does that natively. Latest version of Gnome and KDE maybe, haven't used them in a long time.

Is there something like gnome-accessibility that can be installed for this functionality?

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Re: Mousewheel zoom on XFCE

Hello, thank you for your answers.
PackRat: XFCE distributions have the original mouse zoom, so I think the function comes from XFWM. In my case I was doing installations on a USB key, because I need an operating system constantly, so I could not apply the Johnraff procedure.
I've spent the last few days testing about 20 different distributions, and I decided to give KDE another chance, which I had to use with at least 5 different distributions, bugging very quickly each time. I ended up testing 2 of them in particular, one of which I physically installed and it didn't last 10 seconds, yet it's a very large distribution, known, at least 5 different bugs in 10 minutes. The other also known for its KDE desktop bugged very quickly too, so I decided to try Bunsenlabs with KDE and surprise it works really very well, much better than distributions made around KDE.
The others took time to answer while Bunsenlabs answers very well, and stops in 4 to 5 seconds, while the other one had to wait much longer.
The whole thing is still graphically consistent, I can scale the desktop, and I was able to set the zoom with the mousewheel I need for a specific application.
The only bug I find on Bunsenlabs and that I already had on the previous version, is when disconnecting, the Num Lock key stays on, but you have to reactivate it before typing your password.
To conclude I'm once again surprised by the quality of Bunsenlabs, KDE is perfectly grafted, only one day on it but for the moment it works very well.

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