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forum user list

just wondering

i know when your logged in you can hover and choose to look at a user
i use this often as i'll remember that (e.g.) sector or sage or whoever had posted something and i find the post through that
i still use it on the #! forums - alot
but you don't have to be logged in with #!
you do with bunsen

any reason?

i know i can just log in but sometimes the train leaves the station by the time ive logged in
yes, it's that small
must be geting old


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Re: forum user list

I originally had set the user profile view settings to `public' and have them made private again after a while: My intent was to mimic #! behaviour, but after noticing that the overwhelming majority of distro forums (Gentoo, Arch, Siduction, Mint, Ubuntu,, ...) (OK, out of the few I surveyed/know) does not permit guests to stalk users' post histories I switched tracks.

I think it's a sensible choice, allowing users some sort of pseudo-privacy by not immediately exposing the users' 'characters'. It also helps to prevent traffic from crawlers/bots who might harvest these lists (not caring about robots.txt, of course), although I've not seen any crawlers yet…

Per aspera ad astra.


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