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2 hints for dual boot Lithium/W10Pro on a Laptop (Bitlocker/Wifi)


fairly new to Linux and BL I thought I'd share my experience installing the BL Lithium RC3 on a Lenovo X1 Carbon Gen6 as a dual boot option on a Windows 10 Pro installation - maybe it can help others.

After running through the regular pre install prep (freeing up disk space, shrinking Win10pro partition, creating a bootable Lithium thumbdrive with Rufus) I started the installation process.

Hint1 Intel Wificard drivers:
The firmware for the Intel wifi card (Intel AC-8265) is not part of the installation routine and running through the installation process without a network connection causes failures to install the Grub Bootloader and all the apt packages (at least in my experience).
Coming from Windows I thought it was enough to save the wifi card drivers on a separate thumbdrive and chose the driver file during the installation process, but that is not the case.
In short: for a beginner the easiest option is to get a wired network connection either using the proprietary Lenovo Ethernet Adapter, a USB-to-Ethernet dongle or a tethered connection via USB with your mobile.
With the ethernet connection it is a piece of cake and the installation process finished without any errors (incl Grub Bootloader). The Wifi card showed up ready to go after the first boot ("iwlwifi" is the name of the package that included in the Lithium distro).

Hint2: Bitlocker Encryption on a Windows10 Pro Partition
After booting to Windows for the first time after the successful BL Lithium installation, I was greeted with a Windows blue screen, asking me for a 48-digit Bitlocker recovery code. My heart skipped a beat b/c I didnt know that I had any encryption enabled at all and therefore had absolutely no clue as to where to find this key. Also I hadn't come across any articles regarding this issue while researching the dual boot option, so this caught me wrongfooted. For info on how to find your recovery code, Microsoft has a website you'll find via Google (search for "recoverykeyfaq bitlocker" I dont know if I am allowed to post external links here). I found mine after logging into my account on the Microsoft website.
It might sound really obvious (which it is, if you know it) but definitely check if your Windows partition is Bitlocker encrypted and make sure to have this key, otherwise your Windows partition is lost!

I hope this article helps others, if it is too trivial, pls delete.

Many thanks for the BunsenLabs distro and this huge community!


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Re: 2 hints for dual boot Lithium/W10Pro on a Laptop (Bitlocker/Wifi)

I believe the bitlocker issue comes up after grub2 writes the bootloader code. Windows senses the changes and if the partition is encrypted with bitlocker it will then ask for the recovery key. It should only happen once, so yes keep the recovery key safe somewhere as you will need it in certain cases.

Thanks for the warning and hopefully your post will help someone.

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