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Dodging A Bullet
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Re: BunsenLabs Lithium not installing.

rbh wrote:

If you want to pass kernel boot option when booting the BL Lithium installation media, highlight the meny choice you want to edit (press the arrow keys up or down) and the press key TAB-key. What key to use, to edit the grub menu, can vary, but is usually showed beneath the menu.
To boot with the changed menu, press Enter. for BIOS or F10 for UEFI.

It seems you have entered the grub environment (pressing "c", when showing the grub menu" on the harddisk). You shall not issue any command, you shall pass option to the kernel...

@rbh is correct.. But only for BIOS based machines.

The trick with passing parameters, is make sure you hit 'Tab' (for BIOS or 'e' for UEFI before you start the install & drop them between "---" & "quiet" AFTER the last three dashes in the kernel command-line, that way they're automatically added by Debian-Installer to the new system.  Parameters passed before the  --- are only used by the installer & afterwards get added to the installed system.

If you don't do that, you'll need to do the same thing to boot the installed system, though post install if you do need to do that, then your first order of business is to edit /etc/default/grub (sudo nano /path/file) to add the parameters to  to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT and GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX save & then `sudo update-grub`

Hope that's somewhat helpful.

[edit] TIP:  If you're on BIOS rather than UEFI, picking the accessibility options & high contrast installer lets you see the white text without it being obscured by white areas in the background[/edit]

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