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Btrfs on raid, maintenance and create


Last september, i created an VM with / on 3 raid 5 partitions formated with btrfs.
Did this prior to spliting the fileshare-raid on my server and creating one btrfs raid 0 for mirrored repos, downloaded isos and other non critical data. Only played with the vm a while and forgot it until now.

The "raidtest" VM, had some 500 packages to upgrade. it has taken two days. When working for some hour, the btrfs raid goes offline. I have to kill the machine, boot on rescuecd, repair raid, repair fs, restart vm, run "dpkg --configure -a" before continuing upgrade...

I have now scheduled on boot the command "btrfs scrub start /data".

Is that the right path to go? Or did I start all wrong?

Should I still not use btrfs on on raid5? Shall I not create btrfs raid the traditional way to create raid: fdisk => mark partition as raid, assemble the raid partitions and format?

I have also expericnced some minor problem with the raid 0 on the server... Scheduled "btrfs scrub start /data", there to...

// Regards rbh

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