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Bunsenlabs EFI Netinstall

Many people have confronted the EFI/UEFI problem, there are different solutions to this.

* Arch-Linux manual installation method
* Bunsenlabs Netinstall
* Hacking skills

For us to place a permanent solution to this problem for our community we need to get down to basic of what directory dose what and how it can be hacked.

In my imagination I see that the EFI and GRUB boot loader have not yet reached collaborative levels without operator interference.
- Either you boot from EFI or you boot from GRUB.

It should be clear which boot loader to use and how Bunsenlabs can be booted because it is a Debian System.
Arch-Linux have a different approach then Debian, mainly [Terminal-Command-Operation] vs [Graphical-User-Interface-Operation].

What is Bunsenlabs supposed to promote in this branch, TC-O is absolutely necessary, GUI-O is not and some times it is very confusing to someone who did not develop the GUI to operate it and understand its function in the system.

I will take a shot at the Arch-Linux approach to fix my partitions and UEFI so I later can install BL alongside. Giving me three systems on one hard drive (sda), namely; MC Windows 10 - Arch-Linux - BL Hydrogen 8.2.

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Re: Bunsenlabs EFI Netinstall

nod-a1 wrote:

Either you boot from EFI or you boot from GRUB.

This is not true.

GRUB is entirely compatible with UEFI and provides a (an?) .efi loader.

BunsenLabs can already be either installed in UEFI mode (using the netinstall & script method) or converted afterwards by following the steps outlined in this link:

Once Debian have made a live ISO image available that supports UEFI booting, I'm sure @hhh will package up a version for BunsenLabs.

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