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#1 2020-01-25 08:16:28

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Big Bunsenlabs logo header on SimpleX* themes

Hello! I'd like to use one of these forum theme called: SimpleXBlue, SimpleXGreen, SimpleXSepia, but each of those have a big bunsenlabs banner. This big banner render the page a little weird, on the bottom of page an horizontal scrollbar appear and i must use to scroll horizontal when infact must not been there or needed.

Please reduce the banner on those theme, i think the three theme use same url, so enough to edit the banner to fit on normal screen ie
4:3 / 5:4 / 16:9 / 16:10

Tested on Pale Moon Linux & Chrome on Windows the banner svg render. Thank you!

OS: Devuan GNU/Linux 4 (chimaera/ceres)

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