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#1 2019-12-30 20:31:30

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Forum rules

Some thoughts on thread: Failing to install VirtualBox Guest Additions.

pstrg wrote:

Rebooted and...
SO VERY HAPPY - it finally worked!
Thank you

You are welcome!

I wonder if I can rise an meta discussion...
I am curious. Paulo, before you posted, had you read the Forum rules?
Especuialy the General Guidelines:

"If you are seeking help, make sure to have done your fair share of homework to the best of your ability by searching the forums or the internet before wasting other's time."

Did you read the Virtualbox manual section Installing the Linux Guest Additions?
Did you read it after I've given you the link to the section in the onlinemaul?

Did you read the statemnt: "Before installing the Guest Additions, you prepare your guest system for building external kernel modules.?"

Did you read my urge for you to check Guest addition support for "usb3, scaled desktop, shared clipboard etc" and execute:
"rcvboxadd setup"?

Do you think I was unhlpful, unclearly mumbling?

Can you se that the process consumed unnesecary time/efforts from you and others?

When Fidonet flourished in the early 90's, often new users were pre-moderated. Maybe little harsh, but with high volume posting, often nessesary.

I'm just thinking, not wanting to "spank" anyone.
User iMBeCil, created The ultimate guide for installing VBox with GA and Shared Folders, a good one. Hopefully som do not need to ask...

I dont remember, but was there not an link to Forum Rules when creating a new user? Does anything need to be expressed clearer?
Any reflections?

// Regards rbh

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#2 2019-12-30 21:50:06

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Re: Forum rules

I feel there are already some common sense rules that don't really need stating. The biggest rule (this applies to any forum) is respect other members and the staff and no fighting/spamming/threatening.

There are times when there are people who aren't sure about something and they need help and the best thing they can do is search the forum for similar issues and try the suggestions contained in such threads. Only if their particular situation cannot be found then a  question be posted.  This can help keep redundant threads down.

Other than that, common sense is the main thing in making this forum a good place.

Just my 2 cents.

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Re: Forum rules

I have nothing but admiration for those who are working in a "foreign" language, and tackling commandline and English manuals. I certainly wouldn't want to try installing VB in Portuguese!

Be Excellent to Each Other...
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Re: Forum rules

I can't get mad at person who is taking screenshots with his phone camera for needing an extra pair of hands to tinker with terminal. smile

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Re: Forum rules

Note to self: Posting buzzed is like talking to friends on a lazy Sunday afternoon.... you might say something stupid but it will be forgiven. Posting drunk is like drunk-calling your ex at 4 in the morning after coming home from nightclubbing.... no good can come of it, you will be embarrassed, and you may find someone angry on your doorstep the next day ready to hurt you.

Oxford comma not necessary, but added for clarity and emphasis.


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Re: Forum rules

damo wrote:

I have nothing but admiration for those who are working in a "foreign" language, and tackling commandline and English manuals. I certainly wouldn't want to try installing VB in Portuguese!

here here cool

normal service will be resumed as soon as possible


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