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[SOLVED] Resolution stuck at 1024 x 768 in VirtualBox


New to Linux, I have been testing distros lately in VirtualBox and I like a lot BunsenLabs Helium 5!

I am a long time Windows 7 user, and after 2020 end support I wish to stick with it.
My plan is to use Linux inside VirtualBox to access the internet.

The latest version of VirtualBox compatible with Windows 7 is 4.3.12.
The installation of Helium 5 run smoothly.
The display resolution is at 1024x768 right now, and I would like to install video drivers to have 1920x1080.

VirtualBox is shipped with video drivers (Guest Additions).
Tho, those drivers aren't compatible with the latest linux distros.
"Building the main Guest Additions module!"

My question : how to download video drivers from the terminal?

I can't find a solution to this, please some help would be welcome.

None of the solutions suggested here worked: … -9-stretch

Edit: I'm trying right now to have VirtualBox 6 running on Windows 7, since it seems impossible to have modern linux distros running in an older version.

Edit: [SOLVED] actually it was possible to run latest VirtualBox version on Windows 7, I wasn't aware of that (wtf).
See this video:

Now I have Linux fullscreen native display resolution, inside Windows 7.
I'm transitioning slowly from 7 to linux, give me some time...

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