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#1 2019-12-14 17:27:51

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Network goes down, requiring restart

Hi there guys!

A brand new BL install from download link, I've got an odd issue I've not had before.  Basically, about once a day, my network goes down, my conky shows an internal ip of NO ADDRESS, my DLS shows activity but my ULS shows absolutely nothing, my network monitor in my taskbar shows that I'm still connected to Wired connection 1. A restart always gets things working properly again.

I'm not sure how to go about troubleshooting this.  Any help sorting this would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks for your time!! A social site with an identity crisis.


#2 2019-12-14 22:04:35

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Re: Network goes down, requiring restart

Improve network-manager logging then 'sudo journalctl' to see if you can tell what event happened.


#3 2019-12-14 22:27:55

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Re: Network goes down, requiring restart

Extra logging is likely not necessary; a first look into

sudo journalctl -u NetworkManager

should likely give a good-enough picture. In the event of it happening again, the outputs of

ip addr
ip route
ping -c 1

are likely enough (together with above logs) to solve the problem. Sounds like a DHCP lease not getting renewed properly.

For what it's worth, I also had such issues with Windows computers on the same network and some routers. Did you perhaps by any chance put some Windows devices on your network recently?

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#4 2020-01-05 17:05:57

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Re: Network goes down, requiring restart


I have the same problem, but I have no idea of what to do with the proposed answers. I'm not a developer, just a user, with very limited understanding of networks, so please, forgive the ignorance of my question.

I have a wifi router supplied by the Internet provider.

I have 2 Windows wireless computers on the same wireless network working fine. And two Linux computers, but BunsenLabs (wireless) has this problem while ElementaryOs (cable connected) doesn't. And, of course, a couple of Android devices also using the same network. The computers don't all work at the same time always. But some times they do.

Is there something 'simple' I can do to fix this? Should I reinstall everything with a new version?

Many thanks in advance.

Best regards,

BunsenLabs is on a Toshiba 32 bit core duo 1.86GHz 2GB memory

cat /etc/*-release:
DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION="BunsenLabs GNU/Linux 9.8 (Helium)"


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