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script to mount usb drive using fff (f&^king fast file manager)

Not sure if i have this right or not but it is really only used for the terminal based file managers.

dependancies =
devmon via udevil … pt-devmon/

could this script be better or not needed at all, im unsure of how to incorporate devmons exec on drive flag using fff instead of spacefm which would negate the use of a script i think and instead just autostart using [[ devmon --exec-on-drive "spacefm %d" ]] (fff in place of spacefm) ??

#!/usr/bin/env bash

media () {
if      pushd /media/ > /dev/null; then
        devmon -a;
        xterm -e "bash -c fff"

if      media; then

basic usage for this would be for my use case, i insert a usb drive, punch in a keyboard shortcut and fff presents itself to /media/ where i can work in using the fff file manager.

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