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FLOSS Weekly Podcast

Hello everyone,,
So I'm not sure how any of you would feel about this, but one of the podcasts that I watch is called FLOSS (Free Libre Open Source Software) is a show on an internet tv channel called  The weekly show features projects, developers, coders, and programs that are created in the Free Open Source community. Most are github people spreading the news of their projects and work.

The point is, they get guests on each week, to talk about different projects that they're working on or involved with. So I was curious if any of the dev. team would be interested in reaching out the Randall Schwartz (the host) to get a spot on the show. It's an hour long, though usually the interview part is about 40 minutes of that.  They talk to the guests, ask questions, let them explain how the project began, issues they run into, and generally promote themselves. I think it would be a great way to get BunsenLabs out to the public, now that we're "Official".   It would at the least get our name and the idea that Crunchbang is being carried on. They even allow multiple guests on the same project!

check the link below:

FLOSS Weekly

Check out atleast some of the prior episodes to get a feel for the show and if it would be something we may consider for P.R.

To get in contact with Randall Schwartz:


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Re: FLOSS Weekly Podcast
I remember this podcast, used to have a subscription for a while.

Give to COVAX! Here or here. (explanation)


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