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Unable to load the installer from USB

I have a rather peculiar situation.

I'm trying to install BunsenLabs on a Compaq Presario 2500 with an ATI RS200M/Radeon IGP 330/340/345/350M for the display and I can't get to the installer because it hangs due to the incorrect driver is loading to properly show the display.

I found that it was hanging from being unable to load the display since it loads fine when I use the live failsafe boot option.

Also when using a Debian i386 iso.

Any advice on what I can do to get it to be able to install it?

EDIT: I am using the Helium-5-i386-hybrid iso since the cpu is 32-bit, forgot to mention.

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Re: Unable to load the installer from USB

Have you tried "Install in text mode" (or Text Installation or whatever the menu entry is)?


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