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Add keyboard LED and /or lxmenu to desktop using minimalized lxpanel

So I thought I would post this in case anyone wants a minimal set up for an automatically updated menu and/ or Keyboard LED. Please accept my apologies if this has been posted elsewhere. Please bear with me.

So what I did was install lxpanel.
Then in your home folder go to .config/openbox/autostart file. Here I added this to the start up in the list you see below.

## bl-fortune - have the system come up with a little adage (not yet enabled)
#(sleep 120; bl-fortune) &
lxpanel &
docky &
radiotray &

This is at the very bottom of the autostart file. You can see I also have docky and radiotray set to autostart.

Then I started lxpanel in the terminal by typing “lxpanel” without the quotes. I right clicked on the panel and chose panel settings to bring up the gui.
At the first screen I set it as follows:
Position : Bottom
Width 6
Height 26
Icon size 24

Then under the “Panel Applets” tab I added “Menu” and “Keyboard LED” as my laptop does not indicate when caps lock is pressed. (hence the width being 6 on the first screen as it makes the panel just big enough for the menu and just the caps lock LED as I dont need the other two LEDs. You can adjust the size if all you want is the menu or if you just need the LED)

Then on the lxpanel gui “Advanced” tab type “bl-exit” in the logout command field which will allow you to log out using the lxmenu.

Log out of you system and when you log back in there will be just a small menu button and keyboard LED in the lower left corner of your screen. If you dont like the default lxmenu button just right click on it and choose “Menu Settings” which will allow you to browse your system to choose your own (there’s also plenty of web sites that allow you to download free menu icons)

It works pretty good and is really non intrusive and out of the way. I personally only use the lxmenu occasionally and every once and a while it comes in handy for me but the LED is a God send.
Anyway...I hope this helps some folks and want to thank the devs for this great minimal distro. Its a hoot configuring it.

All the best folks!

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