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#1 2019-07-26 10:07:04

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BL - Ceni

Hi all,

After reading about Ceni on another thread here i decided to do a manual install on my alpine linux partition, everything is working fine after a few perl modules needed installing and 2 other packages ncurses-dev and perl-dev. Just to note again that the program is working fine so im not asking for help getting it going rather im getting an warning message as per below code snippet. I dont know much about perl or how to correct that unescaped left brace, would anyone being able to help? Ive used the bunsenlabs github fork of ceni here

Unescaped left brace in regex is deprecated here (and will be fatal in Perl 5.32), passed through in regex; marked by <-- HERE in m/^\s+([A-Z]+({ <-- HERE (.+)})?)=="([^"]+)"$/ at /usr/local/share/perl5/site_perl/Ceni/ line 67.
Ceni requires root priviledges! Be careful!

In /usr/local/share/perl5/site_perl/Ceni/ line 67. Not sure what needs to be modified. Not that it really matter i dont suppose until perl reaches 5.32

 61                 open my $udevinfo, '-|', "$udevinfo_cmd -a -p " . $i{$if}{'sysfs'}
 62                         or carp "E: could not execute $udevinfo_cmd -a -p "
 63                         . $i{$if}{'sysfs'} . ": $!";
 64                 while (<$udevinfo>) {
 65                         chomp;
 66                         $self->debug($_);
 67                         if (m/^\s+([A-Z]+({(.+)})?)=="([^"]+)"$/) {
 68                                 $3 ? $i{$if}{ lc $3 } ||= $4 : $i{$if}{ lc $1 } ||= $4;
 69                                 # ssb first KERNELS is useless to us, we want the second
 70                                 ($1 eq 'KERNELS')&&($4=~/^ssb/)&&(delete($i{$if}{'kernels'}));
 71                         }
 72                 }
 73                 close $udevinfo;

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#2 2019-07-26 10:50:53

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Re: BL - Ceni

The correct version, if you must know, should simply be

if (m/^\s+([A-Z]+(\{(.+)\})?)=="([^"]+)"$/) {

Note that changes in files managed by the package manager will get overwritten during updates (unless it works differently on Alpine).

Note that the ceni code from our git is probably out of date. ceni is maintained by siduction and you should download the most recent version from here: (packaged as *.deb and tarball as *.tar.xz) Actually, siduction may not be the upstream, but I can't find the actual upstream repository right now.


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Re: BL - Ceni

Thanks earlybird, that removed the warning.

Ive installed most needed parts for ceni to work via cpanm, the only alpine packages were perl-dev and ncurses-dev. Will see what happens over the long term, in any case i have a wpa_supplicant as fallback if things get messy.

The bl-ceni seems to work fine for what i need even if out of date, does what it is supposed to do anyhow.

Thanks again.


#4 2019-07-27 14:10:10

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Re: BL - Ceni

Would been cool if someone managed to add IPv6 support to Ceni...then it be a truly useful tool.

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Re: BL - Ceni

earlybird wrote:

Actually, siduction may not be the upstream, but I can't find the actual upstream repository right now.

I think Devil and towo are the maintainers of the siduction package, and can be considered current upstream. The whole siduction-specific repo (their custom packages) is forked from the aptosid-specific one, and they were both aptosid developers (Devil was at least a forum admin, and towo had his own repository that siduction was using) at the time of that distro's split-up.

That said, apparently siduction has archived ceni...

Ceni removed

We have removed Ceni (for setting up /etc/network/interfaces/) from all flavours but noX and Xorg. It interfers with Network-Manager and speaks only IPv4. Besides that it is easy enough to get a dhcp lease with dhclient, if you have a network cable at hand. You can still find Ceni in the archive, should you want to install it. … -2018-3-0/


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