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#1 2019-07-21 17:08:24

From: Lipsia
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dist-upgrade Helium to buster and Lithium (experimental)

Since the Topic came up I wanted to share my experiences on this.

I did so by taking a BL-Helium system, changing

deb stretch main non-free contrib


deb stable main non-free contrib

in /etc/apt/sources.list.

Afterwards a simple sudo apt full-upgrade brought in 1600+ new/updated packages and I went to buster without trouble. (Besides some quarrel relating to java stuff which had been arranged in the next step.)
Since there was a lot of x-org related stuff to be updated and buster by default uses wayland I logged out of the openbox session and logged in on tty3* as root to run the update.

In a next step I changed the content of /etc/apt/sources.list.d/bunsen.list to

deb lithium main

..another dist-upgrade and voiala: BL-Lithium (experimental) for the impatient.

Please remember: This is not an official HowTo and all in all it is not recomended to do this to any sensitive system.
This said I can add that the described install is running for some days now and works smooth and stable.

scrot or it didn't happen?

naik --greetz

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Re: dist-upgrade Helium to buster and Lithium (experimental)

Thanks for the feedback!

Naik wrote:

...buster by default uses wayland...

This is not a problem. What it means is that if you install the default Buster desktop you get Gnome, which uses Wayland. If you install a Buster base system, or upgrade BunsenLabs Helium, you won't get Wayland. All the X components are still available in Buster, and probably Bullseye and after...

I logged out of the openbox session and logged in on tty3* as root to run the update.

This is good advice. (Although instead of logging in as root I might have just used "sudo" when needed.)

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