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johnraff might be AFK for a bit

Hi folks, logging in from an old laptop with a second account, used mainly for the cellphone because I don't want to risk the main johnraff from being hacked.

Main desktop machine (HP ProDesk 600 G1 SFF), out of the blue, failed to boot this morning. At all. Just a flicker of the LED, a quick swish of the CPU fan, then off. 5 seconds later, again. Repeats till I pull the power cable to stop it.

Tried pressing the CMOS reset button as Someone On The Internet had done, and now it beeps 5 times, and after a few secs seems to get very hot and a fan somewhere goes up to full revs. Quickly pull the power again.

Anyway this is now beyond me, and I'm not really asking for suggestions. There's a repair place quite near here, but the guy just happens to be away today, so it will have to wait till tomorrow. If it's a bad power supply it might not be too hard to fix - if he's got a replacement PSU to hand. Or I might try a bigger place in town.

Anyway, please bear with me if I don't show up too much round here for a little while.

normal service will be resumed as soon as possible


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Re: johnraff might be AFK for a bit

hope you get sorted soon
I'm on an old Esprimo mobile v5535 I've  had for about 20 years so every time it starts is a good day,only problems so far battery fails after 20 Min and the power lead stopped working but 10 Euro to ebay seller and 14 days later fixed it.For me ebay is a valuable asset as electrical item suffer from high taxation here i was quoted 40 Euro for the same power pack and they where not sure when i would come
So good luck hope your up and running soon

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Re: johnraff might be AFK for a bit


The desktop is now in for repair. The guy said they had a long queue and he'd have a diagnosis on Sunday, but thought it might be the Power Supply Unit. If so, it could be an easy fix.

Meanwhile, I'd forgotten about this Thinkpad which is perfectly usable - if a bit cramped if you're used to a wide desktop with display, keyboard and mouse spead out across it. So till the desktop machine comes back I've copied my ~/.mozilla directory in here and my web home is unchanged. smile

Luckily I had made a major backup only a couple of days earlier. Very luckily. I'll copy in a selection of stuff I can work on over the next few days, and when the main machine comes back, think seriously about deleting everything here with passwords etc. In fact, reformat the whole drive. (Laptops are inherently riskier because they're portable.) I was planning to get a new SSD for this Thinkpad anyway, and start over with an encrypted drive.

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