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Colonel Panic
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Switching to another window manager from within Openbox

Hi everyone,

I have found a way to switch window managers from openbox's menu without logging out first. To do so, copy these lines into openbox's menu.xml file (I got them from the menu file which Debian creates automatically when it installs Openbox);

<menu id='/Debian/Window Managers' label='Window Managers'>
    <item label='Ctwm'>
      <action name='Restart'><execute>ctwm</execute></action>
    <item label='FluxBox'>
      <action name='Restart'><execute>/usr/bin/startfluxbox</execute></action>
    <item label='FVWM'>
      <action name='Restart'><execute>/usr/bin/fvwm2</execute></action>
    <item label='Restart Openbox' icon='/usr/share/pixmaps/openbox.xpm'>
      <action name='Restart'><execute>/usr/bin/openbox</execute></action>

and it should work without any problems; if you want to switch to a different window manager  from the ones mentioned here, just replace one of the names and paths mentioned here with the new window manager's name and path.

[EDIT: The original version of this code had an extra </menu> tag at the bottom. It still worked but the "exit" item at the bottom of the menu disappeared.]

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