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Weird bunsenlabs/ windows 10 dual-boot behaviour


I've got a desktop computer with a single SSD inside, where Windows 10 and the Windows Boot manager is installed. I've had a 64 GB USB lying around that I did not use, so I installed bunsenlabs on it, along with grub (I plan on buying a second SSD for bunsenlabs when the prices go down). All worked fine for two months or so, where I would press a key to choose the boot device in my UEFI and either boot from the internal SSD to Windows 10 or boot from the USB Stick to bunsenlabs. Two days ago, after having shut down bunsenlabs, working on Windows 10 and shutting Windows 10 down completely (I've disabled fast startup etc.) and wanting to boot bunsenlabs again, the boot device choice of my UEFI did not show the normal 'bunsenlabs' entry, but instead something similar to 'USB Pendrive'. However, when I chose 'USB Pendrive', the same boot choice menu popped up again. I figured that somehow grub broke, so I repaired it using a live Ubuntu system and I could boot succesfully again. However, every time I start Windows 10 now, the same issue occurs and I have to reinstall grub on the USB using the live Ubuntu system. If I remove the USB stick prior to booting Windows 10, everything is fine. What bugs me is that Windows 10 is not installed on the USB, nor is the bootloader/bootmanager of Windows 10. Additionally, the stick is formatted ext4. How does Windows manage to corrupt grub everytime?


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Re: Weird bunsenlabs/ windows 10 dual-boot behaviour

Is the USB stick using UEFI/GPT or classic MBR + DOS partition table? If it's using EFI, a bootloader will usually be installed to the system's EFI partition which usually is on the built-in hard disk. No idea if Windows is messing with that. You can create an extra EFI partition on the USB stick in addition to the one on the built-in hard disk, and the firmware will detect both and you should still be able to boot from USB transparently. If you already have that kind of setup or the issue is something different, for the lack of experience with windows, I then I have no idea.

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Re: Weird bunsenlabs/ windows 10 dual-boot behaviour

Thank you, I looked at the output of fdisk and noticed that I've a got an EFI partition on both the internal drive and the USB stick. Both internal hard disk and USB use gpt.


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Re: Weird bunsenlabs/ windows 10 dual-boot behaviour

I believe I may be able to help with this. Not sure, but maybe.

My sytem sometimes gets confused because in the list of drives that appear
when you press F8 you may see two entries for the thumb drive.
one will say something like pen drive or thumb drive
the other will say UEFI pendrive or UEFI thumbdrive

When you boot the system between the end of the POST (Power On Self Test) and before the grub options appear press F8 a few times until the UEFI boot menu appears.

If windows 10 boots from UEFI rather than MBR and your Linux also boots from UEFI not MBR
then both systems will be bootable after choosing F8 - then choosing  UEFI (name of your thumb drive)

If after choosing F8 UEFI (name of thumb drive)
you get the grub loader and both entries are on there, then you merely need to enter
the UEFI management screen (BIOS options) and put the UEFI version of the thumbdrive as the first boot drive

if both systems are MBR choose the F8 entry without UEFI
If one system is UEFI but the other MBR then you can only get one or the other to list
in a bootloader such as grub.

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