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problems with openbox and ecodms


first I have installed bunsenlabs helium in the newest version.
The installation proceeded without errors. All good.
Bluetooth, sound or printer work fine.
But now i've installes the dms Ecodms. The path for the installation is /opt/ecodms/ecodmsclient for the client.
For the server it is /opt/ecodms/ecodmsserver.
For the backupfunction it is /opt/ecodms/ecodmsserver/tools/ecodmsbackup or .../ecodmsbackupconsole.
Now I want to integrate the ecodmsserver, ecodmsclient and ecodmsbackup in the menu.
I had tried it with the menueditor of openbox.
I had create a new item, labeled it to ecodmsserver, action execute and the executepath /opt/ecodms/ecodmsclient/ecodmsclient.
Then click save and closed.
But if I want to start it, nothing happens.
For the backupfunktion I make it in the same way but only the path is /opt/ecodms/ecodmsserver/tools/ecodmsbackup or .../ecodmsbackupconsole.
At start the system shows me this error: Kindprozess <</opt/ecodms/ecodmsserver/tools/ecodmsbackup>> couldn't start. Permissions are missing."
But in the file manager, the permissions are set correctly.
If I try to start the server or the backup with the file manager I must open it with the same program. Also I go to the same folder /opt/ecodms/ecodmsserver/tools/ and click on ecodmsbackup. Then it works without problems and without setting permissions.
Now could somebody explain me, what I must do to integrate this program in the openbox menu?
What's the right way to do it?

I hope you understand my problem, because english is not my preferred language. smile




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